New Lifter Tips

If you are a new lifter, you might have some questions about the meet:
Here are some basics about what to expect on the day of the meet:

When you  check in at the registration table, you will need to show your USA Powerlifting card.  You can purchase this card online.  This card is valid until 31 December of the year you purchased your card. (If you purchase your membership on 1 November or later, the card is valid for 13 months).  You CAN NOT purchase a membership at the meet.  You will need to have a membership number in your name, before the meet starts.

After registration you will receive a lifter card.  This card is important for a number of reasons.  Firstly, write your first attempts for each lift, in Kilograms on the card – use a pencil.  Take your lifter card to the equipment check desk.  A referee will ask to see all the equipment you will be using.  Once all your equipment is checked and accepted, your card will be signed by an official.  After equipment check, proceed to get your rack heights – one for bench and one for squat.  The last stop is the weigh in.  Your weight will be recorded on your card and the official will keep you card.  This card will eventually be given to the computer operators and all the data on the card will be captured on a scoring software program.

Your first attempts have to be written in Kilograms! The kilogram weights must be in 2.5kg increments.  So, you cannot have an attempt of 113kg..because it is not an increment of 2.5kg.. That attempt will either have to be 112.5 kg or 115kg.

You will lift in a group of people with similar body weight – such a group is called a flight.  Be sure to be aware what flight you are in and when your flight will be lifting.  Your warm-up will be dictated by when your lift lifts.

What do you need to bring to the meet?

  1. Your Photo ID.  You will have to present it when asked.
  2. A singly-ply singlet.
  3. T-shirt.
  4. Underwear – boxers and shorts are not permitted.  Your underwear may not have “legs”.
  5. Lifting belt (optional)
  6. Knee Sleeves (optional)
  7. Knee socks – these socks have to cover your shins.
  8. Shoes.
  9. Wrist wraps (optional)