Shane Nutt

Shane is an impressive TEEN lifter.  He holds 18 Michigan records and plans to widen that achievement to include National and World records.  He has definite goals to become the best powerlifter he can be – and will make Michigan proud in the process.

Are you a Michigander?

Yes, I am a Michigander! Straight out of Ionia! 

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Mchenry, Illinois. I moved to Michigan in the 5th grade

How did you get into powerlifting and how old were you?

I started lifting a little bit in my freshman year, but a torn hamstring kept me from coming back. I set my mind back on it in my sophomore year and blew it up! 

How long have you been an active powerlifter?

I’ve been and active powerlifter for 2 years now. 

What is your personal best squat, bench and deadlift?

At 163 bodyweight 16 years old, I squatted 465, benched 275, and deadlifted 610. (Raw)

Do you hold records?

I hold many USAPL Michigan State records. In my other State Association, I hold 3:  475 deadlift at 155 being 15, and at 16 years old, 163lbs, a total 1330 record and the deadlift record at 610. 

What is your favorite lift and why?

The Deadlift is where it’s at. The Conventional man-maker lift. My coach always says the meet doesn’t start until the bar is on the ground. 

How many hours a week do you train?

I train anywhere between 8-12 hours a week, generally four days training power movements and the others some accessories.

Do you train with a partner?

I prefer to train alone, but when I can I train with my older brother, Justin. 

Where do you train?

I train mostly at my High School Gym in Ionia, and also at Snap Fitness. The Trainers there awesome! 

Do you follow a specific training method/regime?

My training generally is volume leading up to the last couple weeks of a meet. Then I settle down into the 2-3 rep ranges a couple weeks out. Abs and stretch every day! 

Do you do other sports besides powerlifting?

I am the Kicker in Football, and I dropped track this year in order to focus training for Open Nationals. 

Do you follow a specific diet?

My diet now is very high in protein and carbs 3 times a day generally in the 50-80 G range. 

What is your opinion on cardio?


Just kidding. I usually only do HIIT training once a week and it’s not any prolonged cardio. I’m pretty lean anyhow! 

What is your greatest powerlifting achievement so far, in your opinion?

I competed In High School Nationals last year and this year. 3rd-4th place.

What do you find the most challenging/difficult in your training?

Training around all my busy hours, and also overshooting RPE sometimes. Finding the right workouts/programming can be a challenge. Constantly striving for the best. 

How soon before a meet, do you begin preparing?

I begin preparing for a meet 3-5 weeks out to peak, and to get my mindset for a meet. 

How do you choose an opening attempt weight?

Generally something easy, and my second generally 80% of my projected max. 

What are your powerlifting goals?

Short term:

Win Open Nationals teen 2, 83kg place top 3 In IPF worlds 2018, break sub junior records. 

Deadlift 700lbs at 17 years old, 83kg

Break all state, national records for 83kg teen 2.

Achieve the Highest Strength Index in all MHSPLA (Michigan High School Powerlifting) History. (Currently 2nd)

Long term

Deadlift 1000lbs

Win Worlds 

Top 10 Wilks in the IPF

Hall of Fame IPF

Total 10x bodyweight 

Break an All Time World Record Total

What tips do you have for first time lifters?

Some Important things to remember…

Focus on yourself, no one out-lifts your very best effort in the end. 

Everyone fails somewhere on their journey to success.

Always remember why you started, and keep your goals in arms reach.

Persistence is key

If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful. -Eric Thomas

You’re always one sacrifice away from 1st place… 

You can catch Shane and his team at the State Meet, they will be the awesome spotters and loaders on the platform.

Shane is ‘out of action’ for a while because he managed to severely damage his leg and ankle, playing football.  We wish him a speedy recovery – we want him back on the platform!