Zayd Coats

Meet Zayd Coats.

Zayd is a national champ.  This youth lifter has been lifting since 2016 and already holds numerous national records and a bucket load of state records.  He is only 11 and plans to be on the national platform for a long time.  Zayd is an exciting young talent and shows us what the future of Michigan lifting has in store. USA Powerlifting Michigan is as very proud of him.

He answered some questions for us:

How old are you?

I am 11

Are you a Michigander?

Yes, I am.  I was born and raised in Michigan

When are where did you enter your first ever powerlifting competition?

My first meet was the 2016 high school meet Ionia, MI

What do you remember most about the competition?

What I remember most about the meet was setting State Records

How and why did you get into powerlifting?

I got into powerlifting because of my dad.  He competes and i go to all of his meets so I asked to go to the gym with him and I thought it was fun!

Why did you choose the USA Powerlifting federation?

I chose USA Powerlifting because they are the only ones who have a youth division.

What weight class do you lift in at the moment?

I currently lift in the 48kg class but I only weight a 1/2 pound over 44kg class

What is your personal best squat, bench and deadlift?

My best DL is 72.5kg, my best bench is 25kg, and my best squat is 57.5kg

What are all the records you hold now?

I currently hold all 6 National Records at 48kg.  I also currently hold 26 Michigan State Records

What is your favorite lift and why?

My favorite lift is the dead lift because it’s the easiest one for me

How many hours a week do you train?

I work out at least 3 days and sometimes 4 days a week

Do you train with a partner?

Sometimes I train with a partner but mostly it’s just my dad and me

Where do you train?

I train at Pro’s Gym in Vandercook Lake and the owner Randy Howe is very nice to me!

Do you follow a specific training method/regime?

I do follow a training program and it was set up by my dad

Do you do other sports besides powerlifting?

I do play other sports, football, wrestling, basketball, & baseball.  Football is my favorite

What do you find the most challenging/difficult in your training?

The most difficult thing for me in training is when I have to squat a whole bunch of weight!

How soon before a meet, do you begin preparing?

I start my training at the beginning of October and take a break in March so I can play my other sports.

How do you choose an opening attempt weight?

I decide my opening lift by choosing something I know I can do on a bad day

When you think about your powerlifting, what is the memory you like best?

My favorite thing about competing is going to a lot of different places

What are your powerlifting dreams?

My powerlifting dreams are to become a 5x National Champion

Do you have any powerlifting idols?

My powerlifting idol is my dad!

How do you think we can make powerlifting better in Michigan?

I think we can make powerlifting better in Michigan by having more meets for kids

What lifting gear are you hoping to get in the future?

I hope to get some lifting gloves soon and some knee sleeves

What tips do you have for other young lifters thinking about trying powerlifting?

The tips I would give to other young lifters is “to keep working hard and never give up” and “stick with your dreams”