Lifter in the Spotlight

Reese Worden

Reese Worden is a Teen 3 Michigan and Sub-Junior World champion. He represented the US (and Michigan, of course) at the World Bench Press meet in Japan. Reese made platform and is the 3rd best sub-Junior bench press champion in the WORLD! He is a humble, gracious and fantastic young man. He holds many Michigan records. To date his best lifts are a 265kg squat, 147.5kg bench and 265kg deadlift!

We managed to get him to answer some questions about his powerlifting life.

Q. Are you a Michigander?

A. Oh yeah!

Q. Where did you grow up?

A. I grew up in the small town of Standish, Michigan, which is located about a half hour North of Bay City.

Q. How did you get into powerlifting and how old were you?

A. I originally began powerlifting in order to become a better football player when I was about 14, and since then I have grown to love the sport more and more.

Q. How long have you been an active powerlifter?

A. I have been an active powerlifter for 5 years now.

Q. What is your personal best squat, bench and deadlift?

A. My best lifts in a meet to date are a 585lb Squat, a 325lb Bench, and a 585lb Deadlift!

Q. Do you hold records?

A. I currently hold 17 USAPL Michigan State Records, as well as multiple records in the Michigan High School Powerlifting Association.

Q. What is your favorite lift and why?

A. My favorite lift is definitely the squat! It’s my favorite lift because it gives me a full body workout that I can never seem to attain from the bench or deadlift.

Q. How many hours a week do you train?

A. I train 6-8 hours a week, with 4 workouts at around 2 hours apiece.

Q. Where do you train?

A. I train at my school’s field house, and I’m very thankful to be able to have such a nice facility as we do!

Q. Do you follow a specific training method/regime?

A. My father has actually created his own training regime, taking aspects from a wide variety of other methods, such as RPE Training and Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1, and morphed it into his own insanely challenging workout!

Q. Do you do other sports besides powerlifting?

A. I also play football and throw shotput and discus in Track & Field.

Q. Do you follow a specific diet?

A. Yes, if you can call it a diet!! I eat 2lbs of beef, 1lb of chicken, a half a pound of my choice of carbs, and a half gallon of chocolate milk every day!

Q. What is your opinion on cardio?

A. I absolutely DREAD having to do cardio, but it’s very good for keeping a healthy lifestyle so I do about 10-15 minutes of cardio after my workout!

Q. Have you been to nationals?

A. Yes I have, twice!

Q. What is your greatest powerlifting achievement so far, in your opinion?

A. In my opinion, my greatest achievement in Powerlifting so far has been taking 3rd Place in this years’ World Bench Press Championships in Tokyo, Japan just a few weeks ago!

Q. What do you find the most challenging/difficult in your training?

A. The most challenging part of my training has been listening to my body and taking time off when I need it. I never like to miss a workout, but sometimes you just have to know when it’s too much.

Q. How soon before a meet, do you begin preparing?

A. My father and I begin preparing for meets MONTHS before the meet even begins! We set up our workout plan, schedule our de-load weeks, and decide when to begin overloading and focusing on the heavy weights.

Q. How do you choose an opening attempt weight?

A. My dad and I will sit down a week before the meet and talk about how I’m feeling, and we usually set my opener around 89% of what I want my final lift to be.

Q. What are your powerlifting goals?

A. My goal is to become a World Champion someday, and make a positive impact among as many people as I can!

Q. How do you think we can grow powerlifting in Michigan?

A. Powerlifting in Michigan has EXPLODED in the last few years. I think we all just need to keep informing people about it, many people are still unaware of powerlifting!

Q. What tips do you have for first time lifters?

A. Powerlifting is a marathon, not a sprint. Nobody becomes a World Champion overnight. It takes years and years to be a great powerlifter. Don’t get discouraged, and keep working your tail off, you’ll get there someday!!

I’d like to add some acknowledgements to a few people that have helped me along the way.

Most importantly, I’d like to thank my dad, Rod Worden, for everything he has done for me. My dad is my personal trainer, dietitian and my Powerlifting coach. If it wasn’t for him, I’m not sure where I’d be in life. I owe all my accomplishments in Powerlifting and life to him! I’d also like to thank Paul Walderzak, because without him, I would have never discovered Powerlifting! I’d also like to thank my family, friends, and community for their generous love and support for me! I couldn’t do it without them!